DIY Winter Home Improvement Projects

DIY Winter Home Improvement Projects

As the temperature dips, it’s time to go into hibernation mode for many families. With more time spent at home, it’s natural to think about taking on home improvement projects to make your home more comfortable. There are endless updates that you could consider for your home, both inside and outside. Staying focused can help you start and finish projects. These are projects to consider inside your home that can increase your comfort level this winter. 

Update window and door insulation

Even if you have the most efficient HVAC system, it can’t do its job well if your home isn’t well-insulated and draft-free. Sealing windows and doors is one of the main culprits that can lead to drafts. Winter is an ideal time to make sure that insulation is doing its job. Adding new window and door weather stripping can be a DIY project for a weekend and you can ask at your home improvement store if you aren’t sure about the best product to get the job done. With this update you can make your home warmer from the inside out, and as a bonus you’ll also be making an update to get your home ready to sell in the future.

Rethink your lighting

With shorter days and more time inside, lighting is key. Rethinking your lighting can make your home cozy and also create necessary light for work, studying, or cooking. Some updates to consider are increasing lightbulb wattage, adding floor lamps, and adding dimmers to differentiate lighting throughout the day. Adding floor lamps is an easy update and you can then move the lamps to other parts of your house as needed. If you’re making updates to sell, keep in mind that top real estate agent insights show that lighting is one of the most important details that potential buyers look for in a home.

Give your living room or bathroom a paint refresh

When it’s dark and dreary outside light and bright colors can be a much needed change. Updated lighting is one strategy and another one is to refresh your interior paint job. Painting a living area or bathroom in a bright color, or adding a wall with wallpaper can add brightness beyond lighting. Green or yellow hues can add energy to your space and if you don’t want to paint, adding pillows, towels, or bathroom rugs are another way to add color and energy.

Wash your windows

As we spend more time indoors, we may notice the areas of our home that we’ve missed with our cleaning — such as windows. Cleaning windows inside and out is another way to give your space a brighter atmosphere.

Replace carpeting and flooring

Flooring can update your home aesthetically and increase its insulation, making winter an ideal time to give your flooring a refresh. Replacing carpet and wood floors is a big job that you’ll need to hire an expert for. For a quicker change, bring in area rugs to cover your floors and give them an update that you can then change in the spring or summer.

Take advantage of spending more time at home to give your space a few updates that you can enjoy all winter long.

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