Top furniture design trends for 2022

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A room is just a room until you add design via furniture. Furniture creates a vibe, an aesthetic, and a feeling in a space that offers functionality and design all in one. With the summer months pouring in, you may be wondering what the top furniture design trends are for 2022. Look no further for our favorite elements to integrate into your space to keep things fresh and modern.

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General trends

In general, the biggest trend for 2022 interior design is integrating elements of nature into your home. This means utilizing natural textures and materials, as well as nature-inspired colors. Injecting deep hues of brown, green, and blue will ensure a calming and trending look to your home. Bringing the outside in by means of various elements, including furniture design, is key to making your space be on-trend this summer.

Go curvy

When speaking of furniture design trends for 2022 shape is an important factor. Be it a table, chair, or accent piece; selecting items with natural curves is key. Pick an accent chair with an elegant, curved back upholstered in a rich deep blue hue to integrate the natural element. Offer guests an easy conversation spot with a curved table made from natural wood or stone. Selecting furniture with curves is sure to bring your space from the past into 2022.

Textured materials

Our next furniture trend we want to shine a light on is selecting pieces created from textured materials. Think tweeds, brushed velvets, natural linens, or jute. Anything offering texture to your space with a nature-inspired vibe will keep your space trending this summer. Comfort and nature are key for 2022 furniture design trends.

Sentimental personality

Another furniture design trend that is timeless is including furniture pieces that offer sentimental thoughts and let your personality show. Furnishings with emotional or nostalgic significance will make your space feel all your own. 

Achieve this trend by selecting vintage furniture to include or choosing a piece that brings you back to a childhood memory. Do you have fond thoughts of sitting around your grandparents’ large dining table? Find one with a similar look for a sentimental appeal and a place to make new memories with your family. The days of making your home look like a cookie-cutter catalog are gone. Utilizing vintage and sentimental furniture pieces is what makes your house become your home.

Cutout minimalism

Revealing cutouts on minimalistic design is our final furniture trend for 2022. We are seeing lots of elements with cage designs, or glass accents with a semi-transparent effect. Adding a fun room divider to give you a small glimpse as to what’s inside or selecting a furniture piece with glass doors creates a minimalistic look with some mystery that is totally trending for 2022.